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  1. What makes global fashion brand Edun so unique is it’s dedication and passion towards the growth of an economic relationship with Africa without being a charity. Edun is profitable business but conduct’s it’s business with and in Africa severing any ideas that it is a charity.

    Artist Ryan McGinley took this on board casting the African butterfly in Edun’s ‘Beautiful Rebels’ video. The freedom and beauty of these butterflies represents Edun’s mission statement, beliefs and goals. McGinley incorporates aesthetic and visual beauty with the morality of the brand as the butterflies flutter through and out of the young models mouths, tattoos and shorts. The bright colours, gospel inspired music (“If I Had A Little Love” - the Majestic Arrows) along with the youth and vivacity of the models make for a beautiful and uplifting video leaving the viewer craving Edun both for it’s beautiful clothing and the impact it makes and leaves behind.

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